Arts and Conversation

Despite memory loss, the ability to respond to art and music can still be appreciated on an emotional level. And sometimes, art and music can act as gateways to past stories and memories. In fact, research shows that visual stimulation through art can help stimulate memory and enhance conversation among individuals who have dementia.


These Arts & Conversation programs, held at various art museums and musical venues across our region, invite people with memory impairment and their caregivers to bond with their peers through discussion and positive reinforcement. Participants engage not only with the art, but also with other members of the group. These groups are free and confidential allowing for freedom of self-expression and open conversation. Registration is required.



The Music & Conversation program is held at select locations with our facilitator, Denya LeVine.

Denya, a classically trained violinist, travelled the world learning ethnic fiddle music that she shares with delighted multigenerational audiences. Her unique style and ability to sing in three languages helps people connect with each other through music.



To register or learn more about these programs, call (508) 775-5656 or